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>> i feel in very, very good. i think we'll get a very good vote tonight. >> accept at is voting right now to keep our nation from going over the fiscal cliff in a big way. plan has been agreed upon by the white house and senate republicans. it is all to the avoid tax increases and stop sweeping spending cut cuts. good evening. carolyn johnson has the night off. >> we are now officially over the fiscal cliff because it's past midnight east coast time but on this new year's eve late night work continues in washington to avoid tax hike and budget cut. democrat voting on the deal between the white house and congressional
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republicans in the senate. karen travers has the latest development from capitol hill. >> don't start popping the champagne just yet but my knowledge step to avoid the fiscal cliff tonight. after days of intense negotiations, the white house and senate republicans reached a deal. tonight vice president biden went up to capitol hill to sell it to senate democrats. >> happy new year. >>reporter: biden swooped in at the 11th hour to hammer out an agreement. that would permanently extend the bush tax cut for individual making under 400,000. household making under 4 50,000. raise estate tax for those value at more than 5 million dollars. and extend unemployment benefits for one year for some two million people. those automatic spending cuts go into effect in the new year, they will be postponed for two months. and paid for by other spending cuts. the house could take up the deal tomorrow.
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taxpayers would have felt the impact of the cliff medley. if the deal passes the average american family would avoid a tax increase of more than 3400 dollars. . officials told us tonight this is a row compromise so we don't love it but it's the right thing to do for the economy. abc news washington. >> tens of thousands of people packing the san francisco waterfront tonight. worry about the fiscal khiv some other time. live look embarcadero from the 7 news roof top camera. it is packed with new year's eve revellers ready for the fireworks. john is right there with them. john happy new year. >>reporter: happy new year to you dan. mean time we have breaking news. we understand that shots have been fired tonight in the area of fisherman wharf and one person was shot in the hand. this happened probably half hour ag ago. efforting as much information as we can right now on that matter. in the mean time crowd thickening on the
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embarcadero few hundred,000 people to watch the fireworks for 15 minutes when it happens at the stroke of midnight. >> happy new year. [ screaming]. >>reporter: they said a mouthful. cloud colors slowly fill embarcadero 9:00 o'clock tonight. 3 hours before the fireworks show above the bay. among the spectators are marco and his family visiting from peru. >> i lake so it are fachlt everything is nice. clean. beautiful. i lake the people. food. great. >> people having fun and all the lights. >>reporter: you have the fireworks come up too. >> yes. >>reporter: have you seen them before. >> yes i haven't. no i haven' haven't. >>reporter: this will be special for you. >> yes. very special day for me. >>reporter: party just getting started crowd warming up at bimbo in north beach. >> really good tim and natural flow of entertainment carries me to 5 or 6:00 o'clock in the morning. then i take a couple
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days to recover. >>reporter: partyer also thinking of the year ahead. >> oh, yes how could i forget i'm going to be a grandma. for the fourth time. but brand new one is coming. >>reporter: as the man and new year rose above the bay tonigh tonight. bradley and joanne nicholson beginning the new life. they got married tonight at saint peter and paul catholic church first date new year's eve 4 years ago. >> i always wanted a new year eve wedding and he proposed last year and i thought do it here in san francisco. >> we also had a lot of friend get married this year as well. all over the united states and we decided we were the last ones to get ep gamed to put it at the end of the year. >>reporter: and so now the eve is extra expression from now onement muni 43 until 6:00 a.m. . cal train 43 beginning now and bart running extra trains
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until 3:00 a.m. live along the embarcadero. abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> santa clara there was simple solution to finding somebody to kiss at midnight. single new year's eve celebration. 400 people took part in food. drinks. games. dancing at the santa clara convention center right now the dj spinning tunes for single of all ages ranging from the 1960's to the 1990. good time there. >> hundreds of thousands of people and very little elbow room at the cross roads of the world. crowd pack new york city times square to see the ball drop at midnight. ball put on quite a big show actually leading up to the big moment light show several stories above times square. now you can ring in the new year with us right after the if you get at 11:30 we go back to new york for dick clark new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest. so stay tune for that. billions of people have already been ringing in the new year all around the world.
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hundreds of thousands watch as fireworks lit up the sky above berlin, crowd stretched for more than a mail. several musician including tyler and pet shop boys kept everyone entertained as folk wait for midnight to arrive. crowd dance to gangnam style in times square tonight. stroke of midnight sparked beginning of giant fireworks show in the skies over copenhagen, denmark. spectacular. thoughts of dane cheer from the streets as the many bright colors lit up the night sky over scandanavia. very, very nice evening. we have breaking news pass along now from washington where senators have just passioned the bill we were talking about few moments ago to avert the fiscal cliff. tax hike spending cut we told you about. we have mr. on that deal on 7 morning news beginning at 4:30
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am and of course on our web site but again senate voted to pass that deal. back now to new year's eve. getting ready for our own fireworks ferry building on embarcadero on san francisco. spencer here with life doppler 7 hd. lacks pretty good. it does. clear out there as we see. moisture early in the evening offshore moved well to our south. skies clearing. trems falling however pretty chilly out there. 32 degrees fairfield. 35 in nap a.36 livermore here in san francisco relatively mild 48 degrees and falling. so here's a look what we expect conditions to be like at midnight fireworks begin. we'll have chilly conditions mainly clear skies. temperatures in the low to mid 40's so it's cool and brisk tout but i don't think that will deter the revellers from enjoying the new year's eve fireworks and the weather. i have more coming up a little bit later dan. >> excellent. thanks very muc much. >> with the start of new year hundreds of if you law take effect in california. they cover everything from the facebook password to the new
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car that you buy. hers lillian kim. >> good news for users of social media starting january 1st it will be illegal for employers and colleges to demand user name and password. despite the new law tech analyst still recommend using common sense. >> it doesn't solve the issue that what you post on license can haunt you literally for the rest of your life. somebody careful with privacy settings and never post anything that would embarrass new front of an employer, college admission officer or grand motsd. >>reporter: also scheduled to take effect january 1st are silver alert from missing seniors with dimensia or alzheimer's. expansion of the amber alert system currently used for missing children. another law requires auto dealers to help finance car purchases to provide 30 day warranty for any vehicle they sell. then the new requirements for party buses. they hold party bus driver responsible for under age drinking. >> driver now of bus if his they see or condone or ignore
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alcohol being consumed by minor on the bus they will be subject to misdemeanor similarly as limousine drivers are today. >> one law to take effect january 1st is now tied up in federal court. legislature passed a bill banning form of psychotherapy aim at making gay teenagers straichlt supporters of the ban hope the issue will be resolved soon. >> by having gay available to people really does send off the mets acknowledge being gay is not okay. >>reporter: will take month forth issue to be resolved under the current schedule. supporters and opponent of the ban have until mid february to submit written briefs n.san jose, abc 7 news. more to bring you tonight. city of oakland dealing with highest homicide rate if more than 5 years. >> able 20. >>reporter: neighbors remember those lost to violence and vow to make a difference. we have that story ahead.
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>> plus big hall after pot will you get in santa clara county where investigators found a lieutenant more than marijuana. >> getting readytor the tournament of roses parade. sneak peek that the year pretty sneak peek that the year pretty remarkable floats.
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>> each year catholic church in oakland they hold a ceremony to remember the people killed in that city. this year has been especially devastating. sergio has the story. >>reporter: dozens of white crosses on the front lawn of this church are a sobering reminder of the level of violence in oakland of 2012. each cross has a number and name written on it. >> yes. he was shot october 28 and he was on his way home from his grandmother's house. >>reporter: her son name among the 131 names wrn on these crosses. not since 2006 has the homicide rate in the city been so high. >> jordan age 20.
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>>reporter: as part of the ceremony the name of each victim is read and each cross carried that the church. name on the crosses also include an alarming number of women and children. 20 percent of the people murdered were women. haven't had that in a long time. unacceptable number were children. >>reporter: aim of the event to help people visualize how many victims have been killed and the hope is to prevent the same thing from happening in the coming year. >> a lot of killed this oakland but this is no. 1 priority for us. reducing violence. make sure that 2013 is a lot better than 2012. >>reporter: chief howard jordan planning a number of new strategy to help get a handle on the violence. he wants to reintroduce community policing and looking forward to having former new york police commissioner andless ang police chief william bratton on board for special consultant. >> have a national expert in rusting violence in larger city than oakland i think we have an
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opportunity to make an impact locally. >> anthony age 24. >>reporter: the hope east for fewer names to be called at this ceremony next year. in oakland, abc 7 news. breaking news san francisc francisco. from the jefferson may son street area live pictures from sky 7 hd. the wharf area. number of shots fired on this new years eve. one person at least was hit. we understand that person shot in the hand so not life threatening injuries but several shots reportedly fired in this area of jefferson and mason street. again in san francisco fisherman wharf area. live pictures. continue to try to get you more information on exactly what happened. we don't know exactly why shots were fired. if it was celebration gun fair for some reason or was it some sort of deliberate act we'll keep you update jad moving on there's now a 15,000 dollar reward to fine the person who killed a 15-year-old girl. jordan died
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after being shot in east oakland sunday afternoon. she and other family members were walking do the bart station when gun battle broke out. mother says 2 teenagers started shooting at one another. she couldn't get out of the which in too many. >> he just came out of nowhere and they said he was trying to shoot somebody else and she was there. my daughter said she tried to grab her and she just went down. >>reporter: 14-year-old boy walking with the give was shot. he's expected to survive. >> authorities in santa clara county cleared out 4000 pounds of garbage in pot bust this weekend. officers sent in byp chop tore clear out 8 sends in and around the state park here. car battery propane tank, car muffler to keep a generator quiet and several miles of irrigation piping. no arrest made but seedsed stuff and
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three days dismantling the operation. back to talk about the weather forecast. it's cold outside but for all those gathered to watch the fireworks looks pretty good. spencer in for sandhya fit. >> right. mostly clear skies around the bay area right now. moisture earlier hanging around offshore moved away. temperatures dropping that the low mid 30's in inland location but 48 in san francisco. these are the forecast feature clear and chilly at midnight when the. >> go off. new year on sunny note tomorrow and dry pattern now with us into the weekend. this cold snap can last awhile tomorrow night into wednesday morning. we have a freeze watch in effect for the north bay valley and mountain. low pressure tomorrow night into the mid upper 20's so that means pipe plants at risk to expose with exposure to this cold air. also over nature tonight after midnight spare the air alert in effect for declining air quality despite that though it's cold in the inland valley of low cropping
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down to 30 at napa santa rosa 29 fairfield at livermore spare the air alert don't purpose wood or fire log during the time of the spare the air advisory. we see breaking up weak frontal system break up it pushes through and south of the bay area. start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight. see the front fizzle. most of the cloud have gone not quite so cold as it was this morning then tomorrow mainly soychbility few think behind cloud new year's day and that's it. how mild is it? high pressure in the south by under sunny skies mid 50's. high of for at santa clara, cupertino san jose. peninsula high pressure reaching 52 at san mateo o. 53 menlo park redwood city. 55 mountain view and half moon bay fwoochlt downtown san francisco comfortably cool tomorrow with high of 51 degrees. also 51 south san francisco and up in
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the north bay high of 52 at san rafael and over vallejo 53 sonoma and napa 55 at santa rosa. 54 in you could i a-calistoga, on the east bay look for high of 54 at oakland. castro valley, fremont and inland east bay just a little bit cooler. high mainly in the low 50's there pittsburgh walnut creek danville and livermore and monterey bay a little bit milder. high there 56 at watsonville. 55 at santa cruz. inland 54 and morgan hill 55 holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's dry first week of 2013. the only day when we have even a chance of showers on sunday slight chance. high pressure to increase a little bit over the weekend up to 60 in the mildest location. 58 at the coast still relatively nice weaned coming up first week of 2013 just about rain free. >> perfect slen thanks very
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much. >> sports director larry here. 2013 starts with bunch of coaches looking for work. >> yes. never mind dropping the ball on new year's eve. they drop the attacks today in the nfl. bunch of job changes. raiders made some moves. shake up [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪
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good evening. regular season ended yesterday in the nfl. termination season began today. andy reid the ax after 14 sochbts turner in and out san diego. bears fired smith after 9 years. he led them to the superbowl in 06. but collapse did him in. they finished 10 and 6 and missed play offs. not to worry. 4 teams already called him wanting to interview him for their vacate an situation. also arizona and buffalo and brown and kansas city fired and if all 7 head coaches let go today in the nfl. raiders fared 4 assistan assistant. allen head coach unscathed. offensive coordinator naacp played the price for anemic offense in the
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blocking system that did not work. old line coach poll look and special team coach hoffman and lane backer coach holland let go today by the silver and black. jacobs played only 2 games this year. full back was heard for part of the year got healthy then the niners decided just not going to use him. jacob twiceed -- tweeted about the displeasure that led to harbaugh displeasure and you know how it works when you get in a dispute with the boss. jacob not a part of the frai frainers play off run. nasty way to enter the new year for the st. mary's basketball team. trailed harvard for 39 minutes and 58.9 seconds tonight and won in the final second literally. down 18 to harvard. freshman chambers look sat and my jumper. had 16 points. come roaring back. team high 16. inside. bring st. mary's within 1. a 5 seconds to go
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bad somewhating night. off balance no. rebound to young fouled with 1 second left and peak both free throw. harvard desperation pass. time expire expires. gales win it improving 11 and 30 happy new year. tomorrow in pasadena 99 edition of the rose ball. power versus power featuring 2 of the best running back in the country. banners and cardinal cardinals. david says no mystery about the game plan tomorrow. this is about beruit force. >> we are requesting to run the ball. run the ball between the tackle that's just what we do. we have some things off of that that we do but that's our bread and butter who we play. dent change how we play. that's what you see from us which is great because that's what you see from wisconsin also. >>reporter: fun watching tomorrow. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> great night for them. fun to watch.
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>> buzz worthy stories >> buzz worthy stories including this. creation
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>> here's a lack at the wake up weather for new years day. sunrise 7:25 tomorrow morning.
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clear cold inland. temperatures between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. ranging from 30 degrees up to low 40's. partly cloudy skies near the coast. very please apartment new year's day. but chilly one first wake up early in the morning. >> okay thanks spencer very much? now lack at what people are talking about tonight. group of really smart scientist in switzerland developing robot toddler called robo junior. intent to create realistic robot in the escapey to get people used to having service robot to help around the house. >> motion picture academy extended voting deadline to january fourth following criticism the new on lane voting system. catch the oscars right here on on february 24th. hulk hogan brought in the new year at his new beach front restaurant in tampa, florida. 20,000 square fat restaurant called hogan beach opened today. he calls it a mix of cheers and hooters. if you canen stlaition in some which is that thanks for watching. new year's rock eve with ryan is up next. from all
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of us here, we appreciate your time. happy new year everybody. goo
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♪ it is new year's eve and we are live in new york city. times square. the heart of the big apple. take a look at these shots. all the faces and heads in the crowd. about 1 million fans are sticking it out in the cold weather, being here in person as well. we bid farewell to 2012 and say hello to 2013. making his way through the crowd right now is the great mayor of new york city, michael
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